Are Chronic Symptoms from Long Haul Covid, Mold, Diabetes, Thyroid Disease, or Autoimmunity


Ignite Your Vitality and

Unlock Your Potential!

New Scientific Testing Finds Your

ROOT CAUSES, removes the need for lifelong meds, and EMPOWERS you to be the CEO of your own health!

As a HIGH PERFORMING PROFESSIONAL your Health is Your Most Valuable Asset.

Your health is the fuel of your creativity. It is the foundation of clarity to make intelligent decisions. It gives you the fortitude to push through challenges with grace and strength.

Protecting and nurturing this asset is one of the most important, high-value investments you can make.

Feel Like You're Running On Empty?

It's time to break free from the cycle of fatigue and reclaim the vibrant energy that fuels your success. Introducing our groundbreaking Root Cause Evaluation

a paradigm shift in health and performance.

🔍 Uncover the Unseen:

Our revolutionary approach transcends the ordinary.

We delve deep into your cellular, biochemical, metabolic, hormonal, and genetic levels,

exposing the hidden culprits behind your fatigue.

Utilizing cutting-edge scientific testing that goes beyond the norm,

we discover what your doctors may not be seeing.

💡Root Cause Evaluation with a Difference:

Stop wasting time with basic nutrition and lifestyle programs. You need more than simple gut cleanses. Our unique, scientifically designed questionnaire strategically targets where to test, saving you valuable time and money while delivering pinpoint insights into your individual needs.

Time is of the Essence:

Stop wasting time settling for quick fixes.

You need a comprehensive approach that gets to the root of the problem

at the cellular level to reclaim your energy and bring lasting results.

This is the ONLY known scientific method that works.

👥Our Team - Your Allies:

Our team of scientists and licensed holistic health professionals has been in your shoes.

We understand the challenges of overcoming chronic health issues firsthand.

We've triumphed over our own illnesses, and now,

we're here to guide you through your personal health journey.

🔍Beyond Pharmaceutical Bandaids:

Tired of doctors just treating your symptoms, without knowing why?

We get it. Our program is a departure from the conventional.

We go beyond the surface, addressing root causes at the cellular level --

instead of masking symptoms.

It's time to break free from the cycle of temporary relief and experience lasting vitality.

🔬Why Choose Us?

✨ Precision Diagnostics:

Our advanced scientific testing drills down to the core issues affecting your energy levels,

providing insights your doctor has missed.

Fast-Track Results:

Within just a few weeks, our thorough analysis identifies the root causes, giving you a roadmap to reclaim control over your health.

👩‍⚕️ Expert-Backed:

Crafted by a team of licensed holistic health professionals, our program seamlessly integrates with traditional medicine, offering a comprehensive and personalized approach.

🎯Seize Your Power:

Imagine a life where fatigue takes a backseat, and you lead with boundless energy.

Our program empowers you to orchestrate your health destiny.

🌿Take Action Now:

1. Order our Root Cause Evaluation:

Take the first step towards reclaiming your energy. Click the link to secure your Root Cause Evaluation and embark on a journey to optimal health.

2. Fill out the questionnaire:

Your health story is unique, and so is our approach. Complete our scientifically designed questionnaire, strategically crafted to guide us in understanding your individual needs and challenges.

3. Meet with our Scientist:

Step into a personalized consultation with our expert scientist. Discuss your health history, concerns, and aspirations. This is where your journey begins to take a unique and targeted direction.

4. Learn your root causes and start your path to health freedom:

Uncover the mysteries behind your fatigue. In a collaborative session, our scientist will reveal the root causes at the cellular, biochemical, metabolic, hormonal, and genetic levels. Gain valuable insights and embark on a tailored path towards health freedom and sustained energy.

Don't let fatigue dictate your professional and personal life. Seize control and unlock your full potential today.

Ready to transform your energy and rewrite your success story?

Act now and take the first step towards a vibrant, energized you.


Unleash Your Energy, Unleash Your Potential!

We're The Experts Other Doctors Refer To!

YES, We Can Help You.

We Find and Address the Root Causes of Thyroid Disease,

and much more:

Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmune Conditions and Fibromyalgia

Complex Immune and Genetic Conditions including Long Term C

Undiagnosed Mystery Conditions

Weight Gain, Insulin Resistance & Diabetes

Cardiovascular Disease and High Blood Pressure

Neurological Conditions, MS, ALS, Parkinson's, Dementia & Alzheimer's

Gut and Digestive Issues, IBS, IBD, Crohn's and Food Sensitivities

Thyroid Conditions, Hashimoto's, Graves

Anxiety, Depression, ADHD and Mood Disorders

Lyme Disease, Babesia, Bartonella, POTS & "Invisible Infections"

CIRS & Mold Mycotoxin Exposure

Chronic Epstein Barr and Viral Infections

Meet Dorinda A. Smith, BSc, MS, LMP

Dorinda A. Smith, BSc, MS, LMP

Research Immunotoxicologist Specialized in Autoimmunity

Licensed Holistic Practitioner

CEO of True Wellness Today, LLC

It's No Coincidence You Found Me Today.

You are MEANT to Learn The Truth About Your Illness!

Hi, I'm Dori, affectionately known as The Autoimmune Geek.

I'm the autoimmune research scientist who decided to get my own set of autoimmune diseases --

7 of them.

I was sick for many years and it took a very long time to finally receive my diagnoses. But when they came, they came with frightening speed and severity. I was first diagnosed with Systemic Sclerosis and severe Fibromyalgia, which quickly developed into Arthritis, Addison’s Disease, Hypothyroidism, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, Osteopenia, Polymyositis and finally, Lupus antibodies. My body was failing fast.

I lost my prestigious career that I had spent 11 years of education and $200K for,

and I succumbed to a life of depressing disability.

My illness seemed to take almost everything from me. My husband abandoned us. Friends fell away. Family turned against me because they felt "I should be stronger". After all, I had always been a strong person and an over-achiever. Why not now?

If I had told them I had stage 4 cancer, they would have all rallied around me. But 7 autoimmune diseases? They simply didn't understand, and couldn't comprehend how I could push through and "act" halfway normal one day, then be totally disabled the next. This is normal for autoimmune patients, but they simply didn't understand. Then, due to another family tragedy, I was left to care for my 6 month old grandbaby Jana alone, and sick.

If not for my faith in Jesus, I would have lost all purpose in life.

I remained disabled, steadily getting worse for over the next 14 years. I was on a cocktail of 12-20 big pharma meds daily. I had the best specialists available with all my diagnoses, yet they admittedly couldn't do much to help, except pile more and more medications on

(most of which helped temporarily but made me worse in the long run).

Many of the doctors I saw over the years gaslighted and had very little compassion.

Life was a daily, difficult struggle of endless suffering. Often, I wondered how

I would get through the day both physically and emotionally.

But that’s not the end my story!

My nightmare turned into the most amazing blessing

I could have imagined.

Through a truly miraculous spiritual event, I was shown the gift of Precision Root Cause Science,

and it completely transformed my health, and my life.

With the expert help of my amazing holistic healthcare team, combined with my own expertise as a research immunotoxicologist in autoimmunity, we found ALL my root causes at the cellular, biochemical, metabolic and genetic levels, and started kicking bootie and taking names!

It took a little over two years, but I was able to address my root causes specifically, one by one.

No, it definitely was NOT a quick fix. I was severe and I had a lot of work to do.

However, it was the most enlightening healing journey...

to be sure, I can easily say that my healing process the best part of my life

for the growth it gave me both emotionally and spiritually.

Now, I'm nearly 100% healed and I have my life and career back!

The Lord showed me exactly why I needed to go through all the suffering and loss...

and then walk through the process of healing.

How else would I be able to completely understand you and your suffering?

The Lord showed me that my entire life, from the straight A's in childhood, to my love of learning...

From my weird way of thinking on a molecular level, to my drive to be a true medical detective...

From the illness, the disability, the rejection, the suffering, the languishing in pain,

to the struggling through each day and the feeling of living without true purpose...

Then finally to understand the real scientific truth about why I was sick,

to break through and find real control and empowerment,

and true healing.

You see, it was all God's design.

I've learned that just like Jesus, suffering is often used for a much greater good:

To love and help others.

So I've been in your shoes, and after further study and helping thousands of others,

I can confidently say that I know the way out of your mess.

I've joined thousands of other scientists and doctors around the world

who have also come to know the truth:

You can heal.

We are all partnering together to change our broken pharma-funded sick-care system.

It's my most passionate mission to share these new scientific health discoveries with you --

so you can stop unnecessary suffering, and take back total control over your health!

Let's get busy!

We're The Experts Other Doctors Refer To!

YES, We Can Help You.

We Find and Address the Root Causes of:

Severe Autoimmune Conditions and Fibromyalgia

Complex Immune and Genetic Conditions including Long Term C

Undiagnosed Mystery Conditions

Weight Gain, Insulin Resistance & Diabetes

Cardiovascular Disease and High Blood Pressure

Neurological Conditions, MS, ALS, Parkinson's, Dementia & Alzheimer's

Gut and Digestive Issues, IBS, IBD, Crohn's and Food Sensitivities

Thyroid Conditions, Hashimoto's, Graves

Anxiety, Depression, ADHD and Mood Disorders

Lyme Disease, Babesia, Bartonella, POTS & "Invisible Infections"

CIRS & Mold Mycotoxin Exposure

Chronic Epstein Barr and Viral Infections

Purchase Your

Root Cause Evaluation Package Now

Web Price: $597

Sale $197 Today

Purchase Your

Root Cause Evaluation Now

Web Price: $597

Limited Time Offer: Just $197 Today

Our Unique, Simple Process

Take the First Step To Take Back Control of Your Energy Right Away!

Attend Your Root Cause Consultation

As medical detectives, we will use the latest science to biohack and analyze your symptom timeline, and give you a customized, precise testing strategy that saves money. With these advanced diagnostics (that your doctor doesn't use) we will identify ALL your EXACT root causes within just a few weeks. Yes, if you can give up your junk food and Starbucks, you can afford these.

Start Your 30-Day Quick Start Program

Lay the foundations to create your excellent health, and start feeling more energy and less pain right away.

Start Your Personalized Program and Achieve Awesome Results!

After testing, we will design a personalized program to address and eliminate your root causes specifically, in as little time as possible. With DAILY support and 1:1 personalized care, you’ll never be alone! We've been in your shoes, and we’re committed to walking you through every step of your healing process with expert guidance, loving accountability, and compassion.

Live A Transformed Life of Optimal Health!

Become Empowered, Knowledgeable, and Confident in your newfound health! Enjoy the life God intended for you to live, in full control of your health!

What's Included?

Even though we are a specialty clinic that other doctors refer their most difficult cases to, our Root Cause Evaluation still gives you the most value for your healthcare dollars.

Your Personalized Root Cause Evaluation

Meet 1:1 with our scientist to dive deep into your health history. Learn your probable Root Causes and create a plan of action to correct them.

Your Unique Root Cause Questionnaire

We'll employ our unique Root Cause Questionnaire, which is a comprehensive health analysis designed with millions of dollars in research. We will uncover your most likely root causes, and help you understand the real reasons why you have your specific symptoms.

Your Customized Testing Plan with 10% off Labs

During your Root Cause Evaluation, we design a precise testing strategy using advanced diagnostics. By meeting with us, you'll know exactly where you should spend your testing dollars, without wasting money. Plus, we'll put together a package to take advantage of lab sales and save 10% or more.

Your Step-by-Step Cellular Transformation Training

These are the exact steps our clients take from the beginning to achieve their optimal health and transform their lives. An invaluable tool to achieve remarkable results.

BONUS: 10% Off Supplements for Life

We partner with Fullscript, the top supplement, herb and natural personal care product company in the healthcare industry, to provide the most affordable and effective solutions for your overall health. Every client receives a full 10% off the entire Fullscript catalog, every day, for life. We're committed to your lifelong health! This savings truly adds up over time as you continue to take good care of yourself.

Our Precision Root Cause Science Methodology

is Clinically Proven to

transform Chronic Symptoms by 80-100%,

reducing and even totally removing the need for lifelong medication:

1. Balance Your Weight Naturally

2. Dramatically Increase Your Energy

3. Improve Memory, Creativity, Motivation and Real Joy

4. Decrease Brain Fog, Anxiety and Depression

5. Optimize Overall Health at the Cellular, Biochemical, Metabolic, Hormonal and Genetic Levels

You Honestly Don't Know How Good You Can Feel until you try Regenerative Healthcare!

Get off the conventional medication band-aids that don't address your root causes.

You can enjoy vibrant energy,

powerful symptom relief, and

Life Changing Health Transformation!

What clients say about us

Shannon Sandvig

Dori and her team have given me HOPE for the future! I've been sick for a long time and was officially diagnosed about 15 years ago with an autoimmune disease. This is the first time I can confidently say, with Dori's direction, that my root cause for my dis-ease will be uncovered. I'm tired of taking many prescription medicines that are supposed to help manage my symptoms, only to make me feel worse. I am truly blessed that my journey has crossed path's with Dori. She has walked this path before me and knows what steps are necessary to get well. I AM GETTING WELL!

Mlm knny

I'm so thankful to h ave learned about this program!! Dori is great! Exceptionally knowledgeable, compassionate and supportive. I'm learning much, working on root causes of health issues. I have hope for fully reversing them when conventional medicine offered little help or hope.

Rachel Bird

Dori’s approach is science based, honest, data driven & personally tailored. The nutritional part is also terrific. She is a joy to speak with & genuinely cares.

Gail Schlentz

Dori does an awesome job of finding root causes!! I'm 5 months into the program, and I'm already noticing improvement in my autoimmune issues.

Chris DeCarlo

Dori sees my whole health picture and is tenacious when searching for root causes. She is right there, every step of the way, offering support, compassion and advice. She and her team do not just treat "conditions," they educate and empower the people they work with. And that, to me, is everything!

Cynthia Sutton

Dori goes above and beyond to help everyone in our program with patience and guidance in hopes that everyone can lead a healthy productive life. I, personally, am a huge challenge for her having survived head and neck cancer and now a serious autoimmune disease. I had given up all hope. Dori is giving me hope. I can truly say I have benefited from her help and guidance. Thank you for your help Dori!

Lindsay Johnson

Dori has helped me to identify my main root causes. She has also helped me to regain wellness with the proper nutrition tailed to my specific needs, along with the correct supplements, and emotional and spiritual health. Dori provides all the education and tools for success, and takes the time to walk you through your journey. This takes a great deal of commitment and she has always been there for me whenever I needed her! Dori has been blessed with a tremendous gift from God to help people heal and improve their symptoms

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

1. Am I a good candidate for Precision Root Cause Science? Will it really be able to help me? I'm severe.

During your Root Cause Evaluation, we'll decide together if a personalized program is a good fit for you. As medical detectives, our program is extremely personalized, requiring our team to spend a great deal of time and attention on your case. Because of this, we simply cannot accept everyone (there just isn't time). We choose our program candidates based on several criteria, most importantly:

1) Readiness to take decisive action, say "yes" to your needs, and follow direction

2) Enthusiasm and positive attitude

3) Willingness to learn, grow and change damaging lifestyle habits

4) Your personal symptoms (don’t worry, most chronic conditions -- even serious ones that have been ongoing for decades -- can be helped by an average of 80% and more with a personalized, precision root cause program).The people who get the very best results in any health program are the ones who truly care about their health and have a strong personal commitment to changing their lives. Progress with baby steps every day -- not perfection -- creates optimal health. We will be by your side motivating, inspiring, and encouraging you with expert advice every step of your healing process..

Is this a quick fix?

No. Definitely not. It took your body time to get in this mess, and it's going to take time and commitment to get your health back. However, you will be surprised by how quickly you can take back your control and affect real results. You'll start feeling better and better as you walk through your healing process day by day, and this is a powerful motivator to continue to the finish line!

Is this covered by insurance? Is this expensive?

Sadly, most precision root cause healthcare is not yet covered by insurance. More advanced insurance companies and share plans will reimburse for some testing. However, the insurance industry and the conventional medical system as a whole is broken. We stand with thousands of scientists and medical professionals who refuse to work within this system, which controls your care and doesn't allow the latest science to be used to save lives.Therefore, we must be willing to invest in our health, and make this our first priority. After all, it's way more important than other things we spend money on. If you can afford to go to the mall, eat out, shop on Amazon, purchase for your home, buy electronics, go on mini vacations (or any of the hundreds of other things we spend money on), then you can afford to use Precision Root Cause Science to heal.If you are still suffering with low energy and other anxiety producing symptoms, honestly, it's time to reprioritize and invest in your health. Because as you've already learned, our broken "sick-care" system that only treats symptoms and doesn't truly heal at the root causes is not going to help you, whether you have insurance coverage or not doesn't matter at this point. They cannot help you.To find and eliminate root causes, and achieve dramatic transformation in health and life-long disease prevention, we must use the latest science that most conventional doctors do not yet use, and refuse to use, because they are brainwashed by a broken pharma-funded and controlled system. Studies have proven that it takes an average of 17 years to get new medical discoveries into your hands. 17 years. That's a broken system. You and I don't have 17 years to waste, only to develop more and more tissue damage and disease.Thankfully, we now have proven, evidence-based scientific methods to correct at the cellular, biochemical, metabolic and genetic levels. We can now take back control of our health, if we are willing to priortize it

What if I fail?

We've literally mentored thousands of people to heal, and they all have one thing in common: They never give up.People who achieve their health know that it's a process. They are willing to take their baby steps every day that add up to huge rewards over time.They accept that taking back control of their health means a life-long commitment to loving themselves enough to make positive choices every day. They know there are no quick fixes. They don't have unrealistic expectations of themselves.They understand it's not about perfection, but about progress. With our expert protocols, personalized attention, inspiring motivation and lots of love and support, you certainly can do this.Everyone is afraid of failure when we first start out. After all, who hasn't failed at diets or other or exercise programs in the past? But Precision Root Cause healthcare is different. Before long, we quickly realize that our baby steps and protocols are truly working to eliminate our root causes, and this propels us to continue taking our baby steps every day! After just 3 months of work, people are astounded at how much they've achieved, and then they are hooked to continue.If you allow us to take you by the hand and walk you through this process with love, and you never give up on yourself, you cannot fail.

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