This Wednesday at 4:00pm PST (7:00pm EST)

Dorinda A. Smith, BSc, MS, LMP Presents This Exclusive Free Training...

The 2024



πŸ‘‰ It’s time to RISE UP in 2024 and...

βœ… Become the PERSON OF PURPOSE God created you to be


Long-Term Covid, Diabetes, Thyroid Disease or Autoimmunity

(science has determined that these illnesses are all related --

come and learn how)

βœ… Let the world see your true Greatness, Energy & Vitality

βœ… Wake up to the NEW Evidence-Based Science of



and let go of symptom and sick-care management

βœ… Learn your ROOT CAUSES and

transform your health dreams

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βœ… Stop settling

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How to CRUSH Your Brain Fog, Fatigue and Pain, Uplevel to Awesome Mind Power and Rock Star Energy,

and Take Total Control Over Your Symptoms For Life!


Get our Step-By-Step Cellular Transformation Training

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Here's What You'll Learn...

This Wednesday at 4:00pm PST (7:00pm EST)

My Crazy Nightmare Story From Disability To Healing!

Why You Have Your Symptoms:

Your One Main Root Cause

The Top 3 Scientific Discoveries That Find Your Exact Root Causes and Create Optimal Cellular Health

The 2024



with Scientist, Immunotoxicologist

and Autoimmune Disease Specialist

Dorinda Smith, BSc, MS, LMP

is where you will finally find your root causes,

ignite your true potential,

and become the CEO of your own health --

just like other successful people have done. πŸš€

Join us to unleash the secrets to

Longevity, Epigenetics,

Cellular Regeneration and

Dramatic Health Results  

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Here's What You'll Learn...

This Wednesday, 4:00pm PST

(5:00pm MST, 6:00pm CST, 7:00pm EST)

The LINCHPIN Scientific Discovery Causing

Long-Term Covid, Diabetes,

Thyroid Disease and Autoimmunity

How Using NEW Evidence-Based Science of Longevity, Epigenetics & Cellular Regenerative Healthcare Can Change Your Life

How To Find Your Personal Root Causes and Finally Take Full Control of Your Health -- Affordably

Limited Offer!

All Attendees will receive our

Step-By-Step Cellular Transformation Training

(a $497 Value!)


Dorinda A. Smith, BSc, MS, LMP

Research Immunotoxicologist Specialized in Autoimmunity

Licensed Holistic Practitioner

CEO, True Wellness Today, LLC

You are about to transform your life with the NEW Scientific Breakthroughs


Register today and let me wake you up to what is possible...

The 2024




All Attendees will receive our

Step-By-Step Cellular Transformation Training

(a $497 Value!)

Absolutely Free for Attending!


This Wednesday, 4:00pm PST

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What clients say about Dori

Scott Jacobs

Dorinda saved my life!!!!

First off I am and have never been a religious person... The idea of "the Lord" has always escaped me.... but Dorinda took care of me like no other... I now wonder, seriously, where she hides her wings... As I write this tears come to my eyes...

I am testament to what Dorinda and her team and her program can do... With 4 months of UCLA USC doctors.. a mis diagnosis of a rare blood disease.. none of them could tell me what was wrong with me... and I felt as though I was withering away and dying... Dorinda within a month found the cause(s).. and we embarked on the most important journey of my life... she was brilliant, collaborative, always there when I needed her... and man I needed her!!! Within 12 months of militantly committing to this program and protocol, I was back to 80%... 6 months extended I was 100%.. I could go on and on. But I will end with this... Nothing in this world comes easy... if you fall ill and want to heal... a serious commitment and hard WORK is what it takes... if one is not willing or one does not have the capacity to listen learn and have the courage and or will to change... that falls on them. Dorinda is incredibly talented and committed to her patients!!! If anyone wants more details feel free to email me... πŸ™πŸ»

Shannon Sandvig

Dori and her team have given me HOPE for the future! I've been sick for a long time and was officially diagnosed about 15 years ago with an autoimmune disease. This is the first time I can confidently say, with Dori's direction, that my root cause for my dis-ease will be uncovered. I'm tired of taking many prescription medicines that are supposed to help manage my symptoms, only to make me feel worse. I am truly blessed that my journey has crossed path's with Dori. She has walked this path before me and knows what steps are necessary to get well. I AM GETTING WELL!

Macarena Hummell

After 2 years of being diagnosed with scleroderma, but many more years of suffering of wired symptoms that every specialist treated according with their specialty as an isolated phenomenon, I heard a talk from Dori at a scleroderma online conference that I attended. I decided to join her program and for the first time, I feel I am being seen as a whole person. I have high expectations and the hope of being in control of my health. I have so many important persons in my life and want to be healthy for me and for them.

Marlie Smith

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in early 2021. My health was declining so quickly that my husband asked if I would be bed ridden soon. I believe in functional/holistic medicine. I did not want to be put on a bunch of pharmaceuticals to fix me. (However, I do take a few that are absolutley necessary.) Luckily, someone in a support group recommended Dori's program. Within a few weeks by just taking minimal steps I saw a dramatic improvement in my energy level and a decrease in joint pain. It is a very detailed and customized program to your specific needs. I highly recommend this program.

Melissa Kinney

I'm so thankful to h ave learned about this program!! Dori is great! Exceptionally knowledgeable, compassionate and supportive. I'm learning much, working on root causes of health issues. I have hope for fully reversing them when conventional medicine offered little help or hope.

Rachel Bird

Dori’s approach is science based, honest, data driven & personally tailored. The nutritional part is also terrific. She is a joy to speak with & genuinely cares.

Rebecca Milicic

Dori gave me the most caring, honest and comprehensive health care that I have ever received. I was very scared when I was diagnosed with dermatomyositis and simply sent home with a prescription medication and an inevitable decline. Dori took the time to evaluate me as an individual and gave me the answers I needed. I am forever grateful to her as I have been in remission for over two years and have full energy to care for myself and my children. Thank you, Dori!

Erica James

If you've been thinking about doing it, this is your sign. I have battled over 8 autoimmune diseases in my lifetime and I have always thought about going the more "natural" route. I finally pulled the trigger in July 2020 and I am SO glad I did. Not only am I feeling better and making improvements, but I learned so much! I think that's part of the secret sauce. When you're learning why you are and aren't doing certain things, it makes it a lot easier to stick to. Everything I learned and still implement is going to make such a significant impact on my health and life. The support from the team, and from the other students in my group was so nice and really helps keep you motivated and on track. I can not recommend Dori and the team more. Seriously, just do it.

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